KEF LS50W Wireless Powered Speakers

The KEFs are clearly designed for the 'minimalists' amongst us, removing all unnecessary clutter of boxes and cables in favour of just the speakers.

There are those seeking to cut back on the amount of gear required to enjoy good music playback, and as such they sell off their separate pre and power amplifiers and buy a nice integrated amplifier, of which there are many great models to choose from these days, but what if you wan to take it further? Enter the KEF LS50W Wireless Powered Speakers.

The KEF LS50W uses audiophile grade 230W dual mono amplifiers with custom EQ to power the single two way Uni-Q driver and add in a DAC and wireless networking to allow applications such as Roon to ‘see’ the KEFs as what Roon calls and End Point, or in layman’s terms, a playback destination. All of which bypasses a dedicated ADC, Pre and Power Amplifier or even an integrated amplifier. Pretty cool no?

The KEFs are clearly designed for the ‘minimalists’ amongst us, removing all unnecessary clutter of boxes and cables in favour of just the speakers, and the design screams modern, suitable for placement in the ultra trendy apartments of the upwardly mobile youth with taste.

Those who more recently started shaving can consider the KEF LS50W as a UE Boom on steroids if you will, but without all the distortion. Instead what you get here is not just the next level up from a UE Boom in terms of sonics, but consider it like going from the first floor to the 80th floor, this is a whole new game, leave your MP3 files behind!

What you get here is years of KEF speaker know how in a thoroughly modern cabinet and the unique KEF Uni-Q drive offering single point source playback from each speaker, that helps with delivering a very stable and precise sound stage. With 230 watts of power per box, there is no shortage of volume on offer here either.

My only question mark on these speakers is the DAC. It is what by today’s standard is a rudimentary 24bit/192kHz affair with no DSD playback. Sure if you are using something like Roon, you can down sample your DSD files to 24bit/192kHz, but are you OK with that? If you do not have a large library of DSD files then sure, but it is something to consider if you do.

The KEF LS50 on which this speaker is based, and received enormous praise from the audio industry since its release, so the LS50W is with out a doubt a great speaker. It offers a fairly unique solution to high end audio playback with an incredibly simple system that is both elegant and very capable.

KEF LS50W Specifications:

  • Drivers:
    • UNi-Q driver array
    • Tweeter: 25mm
    • Bass: 130mm
  • Power output: 230 watts per channel
  • Frequency Response:
    • 45Hz – 28kHz (More bass extension)
    • 50Hz – 28kHz (Standard)
    • 61Hz – 28kHz (Less bass extension)
  • Maximum Output: 106db
  • Weight:
    • Left Speaker 10.0kg
    • Right Speaker 10.2kg
  • Dimensions: 300 x 200 x 308mm

Why you want the KEF LS50W:

You are a minimalist that enjoys very high quality music playback, but want none of the fuss of separate components and the cabling that comes with it. Being a KEF speaker it is easy to listen to for hours on end, never harsh, and just a little laid back, not in your face, so if that is your thing, buy them!

9.5 Design

8 Features


8 Amplifier

9 Speaker

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