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Perhaps the best part about Roon Labs, is their willingness to take on board user suggestions and implement those requests.

What can I say about Roon that has not already been said? Well, let me say this: It is without a doubt the most unique music playback software for the music enthusiast. It offers a more involving experience with your music library, basically everything iTunes is not.

Do a search on Google and you will find many reviews of Roon and a number of Product of the Year awards, all of which Roon deserves. If you want the Cliff Notes version of the reviews, here it is: Roon uses online databases to retrieve and present to you, the most in depth look at the music you listen to.

If you miss the days of reading the album cover when you listen to your favourite album, then Roon is not only every bit as good as those old days, but in many ways far better. It is better because it truly immerses you in every detail about the recording you are listening to; who played what, who produced it, when it was recorded, who mastered it etc, and just about every name is clickable, to find even more information.

For example, lets say you are listening to a track with a great guitar solo, not only will Roon show you who played that solo, but it will also show you which other tracks in your entire library that guitar player played on. With this level of metadata it is easy to get lost in your music collection for hours, just exploring and discovering new music along the way. Totally immersive.

All of this would be meaningless if the sound quality was not up to scratch, thankfully Roon sounds great and offers an ever expanding array of playback options to enhance your playback system, such as high quality EQ, or up sampling.

Perhaps the best part about Roon Labs, is their willingness to take on board user suggestions and implement those requests. From the day I first tried it to today, it has changed significantly, and for the better. It is the only music playback software I will ever use as I feel no need to look elsewhere and prefer Roon over a dedicated music player. Even if you tried it when it was first released, try it again as it is all grown up now with a nice new Armani Suite and a fine pair of Brogues from Thom Browne!

Why you want Roon:

There are many music players for your computer available to you, no doubt.  It could even be argued that some of the alternatives may offer better sonics, but none of them, and I do mean none of them offer what Roon does in terms of library management. If you are like me and miss reading the album covers and looking at who played on each track, who produced it etc, then Roon is your ONLY choice. The almost encyclopedic level of information on offer about your own music library is fabulous and so engaging, and what separates Roon from all others.

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