Studio Electric M4 Monitors

The new M4 does away with the previous models art deco design in favour of a more modern and simplified look, but does it retain or better the sound quality of it's predecessor?

The previous Studio Electric Monitor was something of a polarizing speaker, not for it’s sound quality which everyone seemed to love, but more for it’s looks, which was a shame because it really was a fabulous speaker. The new Studio Electric M4 does away with the previous models art deco design in favour of a more modern and simplified look, but does it retain or better the sound quality of it’s predecessor?

In my mind the design of the previous model was to the detriment of sales as many people would have dismissed it purely because of the way it looked, and no doubt Dave MacPherson who owns and designs the products, has acknowledged that with the dramatic shift to a more modern design on the M4.

Sonically the old Studio Electric Monitor was a very accurate speaker, with a deliberate dip in the midrange around the crossover point and that gave the speaker a very listenable sonic palette, in fact non-fatiguing is the word to use here. A very easy to listen to speaker then. Dynamics were also great when matched with an amplifier up to the task.

The new M4, like it’s predecessor is a sealed box two way design with a 6.5″ bass driver and a 1″ soft dome tweeter, and it is the tweeter that has been improved over the previous model. The previous model did a great job with a comparatively cheap tweeter but the M4 is on another level.

By using higher grade drivers, and a crossover network with tight tolerance air-core inductors, non inductive resisters and ClarityCap capacitors, Dave has managed to improve on what was already a great loudspeaker. The higher quality tweeter provides a smoother top end, the excellent, tight well extended bottom end is still here, and overall the speaker is still very listenable in true Studio Electric tradition.

The finish is also improved, the real wood veneer looks and feels classy, and overall this speaker has every chance of finally giving Studio Electric the broader appeal they absolutely and rightly deserve.

Studio Electric M4 Specifications:

  • LF: SE HighX™6.5″ / 170mm /copolymer
  • HF: 1″ / 25mm soft dome
  • Frequency Response: 44Hz-22kHz
  • Sensitivity: 88dB @ 1W / 1 meter
  • Recommended Power Amplifier: 30 to 200 Watts
  • Impedance: 6 Ohms
  • Crossover Frequency: 3.4kHz
  • Construction: HDF and MDF with a choice of rich veneers
  • Cabinet Dimensions: 13Hx8.625″Wx13.5D” (sans grill)
  • Weight: 19 lbs. / 8.5 kg.

Why you want the Studio Electric M4:

If your listening room is of modest proportions, and you have a quality amplifier, the Studio Electric M4 is a must audition speaker. Capable of delivering high-end sound quality with deep enough bass, sweet top end and that legendary non-fatiquing sonic landscape, there is much to like here and we highly recommend these wonderful speakers.

9 Design

9 Finish

10 Performance

How we rate the Studio Electric M4 Monitors

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